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Hannah Davis can't avoid getting wet during Jimmy Kimmel's annual Belly Flop Competition

If you're a fan of Jimmy Kimmel Live, then you probably look forward to the annual Belly Flop Competition like a kid waiting for Christmas. Full of huge splashes, celebrity judges and competitive scoring, it's a pretty unforgettable summertime event. 

But what happens when you throw in Hannah Davis as one of the show's judges? You get the sexiest Belly Flop Competition EVER. I mean, who could be more qualified to judge a water performance than our 2015 SI Swimsuit cover model? Perhaps a lot of people, actually, but wouldn't you rather look at Hannah doing it? That's what we thought. 

What's even better, when the judges have to sit poolside, you're guaranteed to see one of your favorite SI Swimsuit models get splashed. You're welcome. 

All in all, we think Hannah makes for the best judge for, well, every contest—and clearly so does Mark Cuban. But in particular, we think Jimmy Kimmel did a spectacular job in soliciting the help of our cover girl to get a little wet and wild during his annual Belly Flop Competition. We see what you did there, Jimmy, and we respect you all the more for it. 

BONUS: See some of Hannah's best shots from SI Swimsuit's Summer of Swim! 


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