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Heidi Klum vs. Cintia Dicker? We got your Brazil vs. Germany right here!


ALL EYES are turning to the World Cup game this afternoon as Brazil takes on Germany in today’s semi-finals, and in honor of this much-anticipated showdown, intern-extraordinaire Rose Minutaglio put together this Brazil vs. Germany match-up of our own, the only way we know how—with a World Cup Model Match-Up.

Lucky for us, both countries have produced some of SI’s most iconic swimsuit models to date, not to mention our first ever cover model, Germany's Babette March. So, without further adieu, let's meet the contenders.

The Lowdown:

Representing Team Germany in this particularly heated competition is none other than 1998 SI Swimsuit cover model Swimsuit nine-timer Heidi Klum. Not only is she an established SI Swimsuit Issue alum who scored the cover in her Rookie year (1998), but after birthing four children, this 41-year-old preternatural goddess has maintained a physique that garnered her comeback in the SI Swimsuit 50th Anniversary issue. Our kudos to Klum. Iconic beach swept locks, a signature sultry smirk and decades of modeling experience give this leggy blond an upper hand against her blue-chip challenger.

GALLERY: Heidi Klum for Team Germany

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AND IN this corner we have Cintia Dicker of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Sexy, sweet and oh-so-freckled, this Brazilian native lit up the pages of the SI Swimsuit Issue with her radiant red hair and blue doe-eyes for five consecutive years (2009-’13). In a 2013 Namibia shoot, Dicker brandished those locks against a backdrop of fiery vermilion-colored sand, and the result was eye-popping. Though she doesn't have the name recognition that her A-list opponent does, Dicker has an interesting backstory, having worked her way up from a childhood of poverty to a life on top with an estimated net worth of $5 million, so do not underestimate her stamina and drive. Plus, Dicker has a secret weapon—she's actually of German descent, so one might argue that she can't lose. But don't be fooled: this mulher bonita is all about A Seleção. ​ Our bet? This Brazilian babe will give esteemed SI Swimsuit model Heidi Klum a run for her money.

GALLERY: Cintia Dicker for Team Brazil

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We’ve given you the facts. You’ve seen the photos. Tell us, who deserves to win this round of World Cup Model Match-Up?  Vote now!