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Kate Upton Relives Her Craziest SI Swimsuit Moment on The Tonight Show

Who could forget the infamous giant wave moment!

Kate Upton is a lot of things: a new mom to an adorable little daughter, a three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuitcover model, and, of course, a giant wave survivor!

Last year, we revealed the pretty intense moment when Kate plummeted from a rock after being hit by a wave during her SI Swimsuit 2018 photoshoot in Aruba. Our girl Kate was totally fine, but it definitely made for a crazy memory!

While making an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Kate told host Jimmy Fallon the story of how it all went down.

“We were trying to catch ‘The Little Mermaid wave’ and I think we did,” Kate said while discussing the stunning photo we captured before she took a tumble. 


But Kate was so focused on getting the perfect shot, she didn’t realize that a powerful wave was coming her way until it was too late.

“It was really scary. That moment when the wave hit, I lost all control,” Kate said after re-watching the clip of the incident.

Thankfully an SI Swimsuit staff member was there to save the day, grabbing Kate’s arm just in time, so that she could push off the rock without getting hurt!

Kate can even make light of the moment now, laughing about how she didn’t even think to cover up while falling into the water.

“Whenever it’s life or death, you free the nipple!” she joked.

Now that’s what we call a catchphrase!

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