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Pamela who? Kelly Rohrbach proves she was made to play C. J. Parker

Watch out, Pamela Anderson! Kelly Rohrbach is out to prove she was made to play CJ Parker in new Baywatch movie. 

Watch out, Pamela Anderson! Kelly Rohrbach is out to prove she was made to play C. J. Parker in the new Baywatch movie


As the world prepares for a big screen reboot of the classic 90s hit, British GQ caught up with the two-time SI Swimsuit model and actress to pick her brain about what it's like to play America's sweetheart. 


On playing C. J. Parker in Baywatch:“I love unlikeable characters. I find them fascinating. The world is uncomfortable with a really-ugly-on-the-inside woman. So uncomfortable. I that that’s funny.”

On handling press on set: “I was like ‘God, I just wanna eat a bag of Doritos but there’s paparazzi everywhere, f*** it! It stunk because there was no privacy."

On that iconic red swimsuit:"My suit was that neoprene scuba gear material, so it really rides up. They would use glue and tape it to my bum so it wouldn’t make a wedgie wrinkly."

In a recent interview with E! News, Kelly also revealed that her on-screen love interest, Jon Bass, has a pretty funny scene "with something getting stuck in a beach chair. OUCH. 

Check out the full story when the August issue of British GQ hits newsstands on Thursday, July 7. And be sure to stay tuned to Swim Daily for more updates on Kelly's big role, as we wait for the star-studded movie's release in May 2017! 

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