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SI Swimsuit model Mia Kang set to compete in first professional Muay Thai fight in Thailand

Mia Kang is headed to Thailand to make her professional Muay Thai fighting debut. 

IT'S OFFICIAL: Mia Kang is the prettiest fighter you ever will see! 

And our SI Swimsuit 2016 Model Search winner and SI Swimsuit 2017 rookie is headed to Thailand to make her professional Muay Thai fighting debut. But that's not all! Mia will be the subject of an upcoming documentary to be produced by Sports Illustrated. The show will highlight Mia's unprecedented move from supermodel to professional fighter, complete with behind-the-scenes access to her training, transition and main event this summer.  


Known for her unique look—did you know Mia is half Korean and half British?—and background in finance, Mia discovered Muay Thai while taking a mental vacation in Thailand in 2016. What was supposed to be a 10-day trip turned into a nine-month obsession. Mia began not only training, but living with the local fighters, and says she found health, sanity, strength and new love for her body through the exercise. 


As an SI Swimsuit model, Mia has been outspoken about her struggles with body image, encouraging women around the world to learn to love the bodies they're in. As an adolescent, Mia grew up overweight and bullied, which led to years of body-image issues and eating disorders. Now, as she's found the physical and mental happiness she was always looking for, Mia hopes to help other women with similar issues. 


While modeling in New York, Mia has been training with Phil Nurse at The Wat and Hollywood Hino of Church Street Boxing. She will move to Thailand to train at Yokkao, Bangkok and Yodyut Muay Thai, Koh Samui. The fight will be in a stadium on Koh Samui, Thailand, in early May, with an exact date to be set. The SI Productions digital documentary is scheduled to premiere later this year.

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