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How does she do it? Nina Agdal manages to make suped-up antique cars look even more desirable


They say that nothing is sexier than a fancy car, but what about a model interviewing the owners of those fancy cars? We tried to find out when Nina Agdal visited the antique car exhibit at Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade. 


Our favorite car owner was Jim (above), who let Nina know that he took his pills that morning so "everything is good." We also have nothing but love for the guy who named his car "Nina" in honor of his favorite SI Swimsuit model.


SI Swimsuit's invasion of Coney Island was among our favorite trips in recent memory, especially Hailey Clauson's reign as Mermaid Parade Queen and Nina hanging out with some of the more colorful parade attendees. The best news is we have even more tricks up our Coney Island sleeve. Stay tuned...

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