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Welcome to the gun show! Nina Agdal shows off her biceps on set

See some of our favorite moments from Nina Agdal's steamy SI Swimsuit shoot in Tulum, Mexico. 

Two tickets to the gun show, please!

When we took Danish babe Nina Agdal down to Mexico with us to shoot for SI Swimsuit 2017, we knew we were in for yet another memorable shoot. Known for both her flawless figure and shining personality, Nina is always the life of the party on set. 

But what we didn't expect to get was a front row seat to the gun show. Clad in little more than a string bikini, Nina showed off her toned biceps to SI Swimsuit Editor MJ Day, and to say she was impressed by Nina's muscles is an understatement. 


Don't believe us? See for yourself in Nina's outtakes reel above, and be sure to keep coming back to Swim Daily to see our favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the making of SI Swimsuit 2017!

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