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You Have to See Who Robyn Lawley Praises for Body Diversity

Robyn Lawley praises Sports Illustrated Swimsuit for including body diversity and body positivity. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Robyn Lawley recently launched a petition last month titled, "#WeAreAllAngels" in hopes that the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will start to include women of all shapes and sizes in their annual show. 

"Victoria Secret have dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body beautiful," she stated in a caption on Instagram. "Until Victoria’s Secret commits to representing ALL women on stage, I am calling for a complete boycott of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show."

Before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show began last night, Robyn went to Instagram to speak up about body diversity and gave a shout out to...SI Swimsuit!

"Love how these guys evolved with time @si_swimsuit!!!"

Robyn also noted that everytime the hashtag #WeAreAngels was used, a bra would be donated to an organization titled, 'Support The Girls' that provides bras and other menstrual products to girls that experience homelessness.  

"I’m sure I’ll find out through the grapevine if any curvier than their usual model is used for this years Victoria Secret show, I’m a little hopeful but not at all at the same time."

Although the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is over, it doesn't look like Robyn's fight for body diversity and inclusion will end here.

We love you, Robyn!

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