9 Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated While Traveling

These workouts are a great way to stay fit so you can keep enjoying your vacation.

The weeks or months leading up to a vacation are usually spent making sure you are looking and feeling your best. And let’s face it, keeping that momentum going while on said trip is definitely easier said than done. Spending even a second in a hotel gym sounds dreadful when there are places to see, delicious food to taste and epic events to attend. Of course, walking or running around is a great way to take in the sights and get in cardio, but if you do find yourself wanting a bit more intensity, subscribing to a fitness app is the way to go.

Below are a range of workouts you can stream anywhere at your convenience like the Melissa Wood Health Method or a more structured plan from 54D. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models Nina Agdal, Katrina Scott and Katie Austin also have created apps that are motivating and impactful. With these options, there is really no excuse not to move your body!

MWH Method

Price: $9.99/month or $99.99/year after a seven-day trial

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is the epitome of practice what you preach. Not only does her fitness philosophy use precise, low-impact movements, but she is also a breath of fresh air in her approach by encouraging users with affirmations and guided meditations. The workouts are designed to practice anytime, anywhere, using your own body weight. In addition to the library of 250-plus workouts, Melissa Wood Health also offers a cardio treadmill series, pre/postnatal-friendly workouts and an ab series that may make your eyes tear a little (in a this feels so good kind of way!). MWH isn’t just about building a body you desire; it’s about building a stronger, honest relationship with yourself.

Tone It Up

Price: $14.99/month or $99.99/year after a seven-day trial

Before landing in the pages of SI Swimsuit, Katrina Scott launched Tone It Up with partner Karena Dawn, who is also the founder of The Big Silence. TIU has more than 500 on-demand workouts for every goal and fitness level while making sure users learn the proper techniques. All of the programs are designed for women and include toning, sculpting, pregnancy workouts, postnatal, strength training, dance, kickboxing and more. As a bonus, Scott and Dawn work with top experts to provide healthy eating tips, too, offering hundreds of recipes to help you meet your goals.

54D ON

Price: $385 for the nine-week program

When Rodrigo Garduño first opened 54D, the former soccer player wanted his clients to rethink how they approached wellness. Now, the fitness movement is turning 10 later this summer and has expanded to an app so those not based in Miami, Bogota or Mexico City can also participate while staying true to the in-studio experience. (A New York City studio will also be opening in the fall.) The nine-week online program that hasAlex Rodriguez and Adriana Lima as followers is a fraction of the $4,000 price tag but offers the same benefits. There are high intensity training sessions as well as an integral nutrition program and recovery tips, with an extensive video-library that can be streamed anytime, anywhere from mobile, tablet or smart TV.

Rodrigo Garduño

Rodrigo Garduño

Peloton App

Price: $12.99/month after a 30-day trial

Although they got their start with their at-home stationary bikes, the Peloton App offers thousands of classes that don’t require equipment like Kendall Toole’s shadowboxing class or a yoga session. The best part is that you can find a workout that fits your musical preference to keep you motivated day in and day out.

Sculpt Society

Price: $19.99/month or $179.99/year after a seven-day trial

Megan Roup has been dancing all of her life and through Sculpt Society, she doesn’t want anyone else to ever skip a beat. A former Brooklyn Nets dancer, she has always had a passion for movement and fitness. When she first opened the doors to her studio in 2017, she combined both to curate a class that was fun and effective. The Sculpt Society app reflects this through dance cardio and sculpting workouts. The TSS Method incorporates body weight so it is easy to be done anywhere and there are more than 400 on-demand routines to choose from as well as multiple live classes each week that go from five minutes to 50.

Nina Agdal Method

Price: 30 days for $1 then $14.99/month or $99.99/year

The SI Swimsuit 2014 cover model has been showing off her workouts on social media for years, and now, she is teaching all she has learned via her fitness app. The Danish model went to integrated nutrition school and became a health coach in order to become an expert in a field about which she was already passionate. The programs are made for all fitness levels and include running series, sculpting series and full body strengthening to name a few. Nutrition is a major key to the Nina Agdal Method as is community building.


Price: plans start at $8/month

If you love a live class, OpenFit streams sessions with certified trainers for personal coaching. If an on-demand option is preferred, this app also has hundreds of workouts at your disposal. One day you can focus on glutes, another you can do a barre class or a tough mudder. A personalized nutrition program with daily meal plans and tracking is another benefit of this service.

Katie Austin App

Price: $9.99/month, $27.99/every three months or $99.99/year after a seven-day trial

SI Swimsuit 2022 rookie truly got it from her mama. The 2021 Swim Search winner, and daughter of fitness icon Denise Austin, has created her own space for women to have easy access to workouts, healthy recipes and practical lifestyle tips. The workouts featured range from booty, abs, yoga, HIIT and more. There is also a daily workout calendar to hold you accountable throughout the week. Austin also pens a weekly column for SI Swimsuit where she shares the best healthy recipes, free workouts, lifestyle tips, relationship advice and so much more!

The Class Digital Studio

Price: $40/month or $400/year after 14-day trial

Taking Taryn Toomey’s The Class, your mind will get as much of a workout as your body. The music-driven experience has users doing one move per song in addition to familiar exercises such as squats, jumping jacks and burpees. Once finished, you will walk away with a mental cleansing and emotional release. The Digital Studio has over 400 on-demand classes and is a way for people at home to participate without going to the studio.

Alisandra Puliti


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