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Five Times SI Swimsuit Models Shared No Makeup Looks

These women want to be honest about their image.

It’s easy to look at models and feel less than. They are seemingly perfect beings without things like blemishes. But that’s simply not true, and many SI Swimsuit models want to be sure their fans know that. How? Some of them recently shared images of their stretch marks and are now posting pics without any makeup on. Here are five.

Hailey Clauson

Clauson pretty much summed up why models need to share realistic images. “This is me,” she captioned a photo showing off her blemishes. “No makeup, no filters, and I just finished a workout. When I’m at home, I have my hair in a top knot and wear a big T-shirt. I have acne some days. Don’t get caught up in the false realities of ideal beauty standards on social media. Focus on how you feel mentally and physically, that will radiate your true beauty from within.”

Emily DiDonato

Thanks to her frequent vlogs on everything from beauty tips to fashion advice, the new mom has racked up millions of followers over the years. But in one post, DiDonato shared a makeup-free image complete with messy hair, describing the moment as “perfect.” She proves that sometimes the moments that feel the most beautiful have nothing to do with hair and makeup.

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Haley Kalil

Kalil is known for sharing both glamorous pictures and ones of everyday life at home in sweatpants. This post was no different. The redhead shared a no-makeup photo revealing her freckles and messy hair with the simple caption, "Bedhead."

Ashley Graham

Graham is the poster child for body positivity. During her recent pregnancy, she frequently posted photos of her baby bump, stretch marks, etc. And in one post she gave fans a close-up of her face without wearing any makeup, showing off the freckles many didn’t know she had.

Hunter McGrady

McGrady is an open book when it comes to her life. So it’s no surprise she would share a realistic photo of the trying early days of motherhood that included no time for makeup. "Not perfect, not edited, doesn’t fit my feeds aesthetic, but it’s a very real look at what the last 5 weeks have been," she captioned the pic.Hailey Clauson