Fourteen Barbados Attractions You Don’t Want To Miss

The Caribbean destination has a lot to offer.

Barbados was the second stop for the SI Swimsuit team as they traveled around the world to create content for the 2022 Swimsuit Issue. As the easternmost Caribbean island, Barbados has earned a reputation as a year-round paradise for visitors. Once known as Little England due to its British colonial roots, Barbados became a republic last November, and now travelers can expect a certain flair in the air with locals reveling in Bajan pride throughout 2022. From the luxurious West Coast, rugged East Coast, buzzing South Coast, to the quiet North Coast, Barbados has plenty of immersive experiences that complement the island’s sun, sand and sea offerings.

Read on to see 14 places in Barbados that should absolutely make your must-see list.

Historic Bridgetown and Barbados Garrison (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Bridgetown

Views of Bridgetown - Parliament-3

According to UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention, historic Bridgetown and its garrison are “outstanding examples of British colonial architecture consisting of a well-preserved old town built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, which testifies to the spread of Great Britain’s Atlantic colonial empire.” Notable landmarks to see include George Washington House, where the future U.S. president is alleged to have stayed in 1751 during the only trip he took outside of his home country, and the Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum, the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.

Cost of Entry:

Hunte’s Gardens, Saint Joseph

Hunte's Garden_ Credit Simon Dannhauer via 2-13

The spectacular Hunte’s Gardens are in the lush countryside of Barbados in the parish of St. Joseph. Visitors will find a vast array of wildly colored flowers at Hunte’s Gardens, as well as a beautiful layout filled with quiet nooks and crannies. Read a book, enjoy a picnic or fall in love with the flowers and plants.

Cost of Entry: $15 per person 

Harrison’s Cave Eco Adventure, St. Thomas


This popular attraction is being transformed into an activity center for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to tours of the crystallized, limestone cave via tram, Harrison’s Cave will now feature a dry slide, a free-swinging bridge across the gully, a zipline, a freefall tower, a challenge course and an adventure zone, among other features intended to enhance the surrounding areas of the attraction to preserve the cave.

Cost of Entry: $60 for adults and $30 for kids  

Animal Flower Cave, St. Lucy

Animal Flower Cave (2)-9

The Animal Flower Cave should be considered one of the world’s wonders. This amazing cave opens directly into the Atlantic Ocean and is the island’s lone accessible sea cave. On calm days visitors can swim in the natural rock pools in the cave or look at the stunning views of the Atlantic through cave window openings.

Cost of Entry: $12.50 for adults and $6 for kids under 12  

Enterprise Beach, Pebbles Beach and Crane Beach, Christ Church


Enterprise Beach, known locally as Miami Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Barbados. Miami Beach is also near the world-renowned Oistins Fish Fry. Pebbles Beach at Carlisle Bay is another must-visit. Secret tip: Horse jockeys and polo players bring their horses to Carlisle Bay at sunrise every morning to bathe them, and visitors can watch and hang out with these glorious creatures. A true local experience! Live like a royal at Crane Beach, the island’s only pink sandy beach. Formerly home to a harbor, this spot in the east is best known for The Crane Resort, the eldest property in Barbados and once a hotspot for the world’s elite.

Cost of Entry: Free

Coco Hill Forest, Saint Joseph

Hiking Coco Hill (4)-6

Coco Hill Forest is a 53-acre rainforest overlooking the east coast of Barbados. The site consists of bamboo groves, tropical fruit, hundreds of Royal Palms and tree ferns and several plants native to Barbados, with spectacular lookout points. Green Therapy philosophy is about walking through the forest breathing in the oxygenated trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Take a guided tour and hike to explore the forest and learn about the tropical flora and local bush medicine.

Cost of Entry: $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 12

Oistins Fish Fry, Oistins


Oistins is an active fishing town on the south coast and is a hub of activity on weekend nights. Check out Oistins Fish Fry, where locals and visitors get together to indulge in hot, steaming fish cakes, dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna and other fresh seafood delights. There’s also an active local shop scene with jewelry, ceramics, leather craft, wood carvings, clothing and accessories, and original paintings and prints on sale.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary 

La Cabane, Batts Rock Beach, Bridgetown

La Cabane 3-15

With uninterrupted access to the blue sea, La Cabane is a beach-bar haven. This restaurant and bar offers guests a unique experience in the Caribbean where great memories are made. A place to relax all day, from a sunny lunch to a late dinner under the stars.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary

Cocktail Kitchen, St. Lawrence Gap, Bridgetown,

Cocktail Kitchen Location-12

At Cocktail Kitchen, chef Damian Leach does an outstanding job at incorporating indigenous food into his exquisite menu. He’s put an international twist on dishes like flying fish by turning it into a ceviche. Make sure to order the fire-roasted breadfruit bowl filled with lobster, salt fish and a tobiko and Bajan pepper sauce aioli. It’s no surprise Leach has been named Caribbean Chef of the Year, only one of three Barbadian chefs ever to be so honored.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary

Tapestry Restaurant, Paynes Bay, St. James


Helmed by award-winning chef Javon Cummins, based in the boutique Treasure Beach all-inclusive resort. Tapestry Restaurant features an open kitchen where guests can observe their dishes being brought to life. Indulge in an innovative à la carte lunch to tickle your taste buds. Savor seasonally inspired dinner menus featuring signature epicurean experiences each night.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary 

Tides Restaurant, Holetown, Northern District


Housed in a charming, post-war, classic Barbadian seaside home finished with local coral, stone and mahogany, The Tides Restaurant specializes in fresh seafood. The footprint is divided into four sections – the Tree House, the Lanai, the Gazebo and the Garden – all on the water’s edge of the west coast of Barbados.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary 

Birthplace of Rum

Couple at St Nicholas Abbey-1

Barbados is home to an estimated 1,500 rum shops—hubs of Bajan social life found at every corner of the island. Popular rum shops include Kermitt’s Bar in Oistins Hill, Nigel Benn Aunty Bar in St. Andrew and John Moore’s Bar in St. James. An iconic Bajan pastime is playing dominoes at these rum shops. Discover more about the historic tradition behind world-class Bajan rums with tours at Mount Gay Rum Distillery, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Foursquare Rum Factory.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary 

Cherry Tree Hill, St. Andrews

Cherrytree Hill (1)-2

Approximately 850 feet above sea level, this spot offers an excellent view of the Scotland District, which covers the parish of St. Andrew and is named after the Patron Saint of Scotland. Cherry Tree Hill is part of the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation. Built in 1658, this is one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. Be sure to explore the historic home, lovely gardens and its onsite boiling house and distillery, where St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary 

St. Lawrence Gap


Nightlife abounds in St. Lawrence Gap, the hip strip in Barbados where several clubs sit alongside several fine restaurants, energetic nightlife destinations and shops. The Gap is a unique area in Barbados where diverse cultures emerge.

Cost of Entry: Prices vary 

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