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Organize Your Home Like Hunter McGrady

Go from cluttered to tidy with the tap (or swipe) of your finger.

Week 7 of social distancing is upon us. Since you most likely have baked every bread, cleaned every surface and watered all of your plants 10 times over, I have another project for you. Organization. When it comes to my apartment (and desk), I am the least organized person of all time. I can keep every shoot detail extremely organized from grids to binders and obsessively categorized folders, but when it comes to my own stuff I am the worst. My makeup is scattered around my room, my clothes sometimes don't make it to the hanger, and I am constantly losing things around the apartment (and, frankly, it’s not that big of a space). My boyfriend, on the other hand, loves to organize; for him, everything has its place. He’s constantly chasing me around with a coaster and decluttering our medicine cabinet and would gladly welcome any organizational advice that I would adhere to, Hunter McGrady may be the answer. On top of launching her incredible clothing line ALL WORTHY (check it out), she has been organizing her gorgeous home from top to bottom and I’ve gotten so much inspo from her.

There are so many professional organizing services out there and Hunter got her inspo from Horderly. Their before and after shots will make you want to stop what you're doing and begin living a more organized life. Hunter did some befores and afters with different rooms and closets around her home and I was shook. She posted some stories to “click and reveal” the progress which left me scrambling to my bedroom to organize my jewelry drawer just like Hunter’s. (Hunter, can you come organize my apartment?) Other organizational projects included her pantry, her closet, her makeup station, her shoes and her jewelry. You will need clear bins, a label maker, baskets, jewelry trays and more depending on which space you decide to tackle first. Check out Horderly for tips. Hunter was gracious enough to provide us with the photos below to show how truly satisfying an organized home can be. Now I just need to follow suit.

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