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Here’s Why Women Will Hugely Impact the 2020 Election

Make Your Vote Count This Year!

It’s no secret that the road to women’s suffrage was long and complicated, particularly for Black women and women of color. To shine a light on the importance of the female vote—and encourage our community to rush to the polls this season—SI Swimsuit has teamed up with I Am A Voter for this election push. It’s clear that women can’t wait to make their voices heard. Consider:

  • Women are considered more likely to vote than men and have voted at a higher rate than men since the 1964 presidential election
  • BIPOC women, especially Black women, are expected to make a large impact on the 2020 election
  • Forty-two percent of women said that in the past few years, they have encouraged friends or family to get involved in a campaign or issue
  • Four out of 10 millennial women and women of color said that they plan on being more involved in the upcoming 2020 election
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So what can you do right now to prep for Nov. 3? Text VOTER to 26797 today to make sure you are registered to vote and to receive all important election information. If you are already registered, text VOTER to 26797 to find out if you are eligible to vote early or to vote by mail and request your mail-in ballot.

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