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Katie Austin’s Daily Morning Workout Will Have You Feeling Toned and Confident

All in less than 35 minutes!

Katie Austin has been sharing her best tips and practices to embark upon a healthier lifestyle. Every Wednesday In her weekly column, the SI Swimsuit model and fitness entrepreneur offers workout routines, recipes and more to the SI Swimsuit community. In this behind-the-scenes video, Austin walks through the daily morning workout routine she followed prior to her 2022 shoot in Montenegro. Pair this with her secrets to becoming a morning person and you’ll be toned and energized in no time.

As you’ll see, Austin works out five days a week—around 35 minutes in the morning and then an afternoon walk. She notes that she didn’t change anything in her routine to prepare for her SI rookie shoot. In her home gym Austin introduces the workout, saying, “So basically what I’m doing is three sets of three different exercises.” Let’s get to it.


Austin gives the lay of the land. “The first move is going to be some leg lifts. I’m doing 30 seconds on each side with ankle weights on, and then we have split squats, 30 seconds, each side with 10 pound weights. Then I’m doing some hammer curls to a side press, making sure I am tightening my core. So I’m actually repeating all three of these moves. Three times through, 30 seconds with a 10-second break.”

Leg Lifts (30 seconds each side with ankle weights plus 10 seconds rest in between)

Ina table-top position, lift one leg straight back and up as the rest of your body stays stationary. Tighten your glutes to feel the burn and repeat on the other side.

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Split Squats (30 seconds each side with 10-pound weights plus 10 seconds rest in between)

In a lunge position or with your back foot resting on the bench press, squat down with your 10-pound weights in hand. Switch sides after 30 seconds and don’t forget to rest in between!

Hammer Curls to Side Press (30 seconds with 10-pound weights plus 10 seconds rest in between)

With your 10-pound weights in hand in a standing position, tighten your core and curl one hand up to your chest and then bring it out to your side. Alternate between each side for the full 30 seconds.



Kettlebell Swings (30 seconds using 15 pounds plus 10 seconds rest in between)

In an upright position with your legs shoulder-length apart, swing your kettlebell up and over your head extending your arms and exploding through your hips. Austin says, “Kettlebell swings are one of my favorite power strength moves.”

Side Dips (30 seconds using 15 pounds switching halfway through plus 10 seconds rest in between)

Staying in your upright position tighten your core and with your 15-pound kettlebell at your side dip the kettlebell down to the side of your knees. Switch halfway through and get ready for some toned sides!

RDLs (30 seconds using 10-pound dumbbells plus 10 seconds rest in between)

“These are amazing for your hamstrings and strengthening your butt,” says Austin. With soft knees and your core and glutes engaged, hold your dumbbells at your side and in a controlled steady motion with your back straight, lower the weights down to the ground in front of you while gazing forward.



In and Out Jump Squats with an Overhead Raise (30 seconds using 15-pound kettlebells plus 10 seconds rest in between)

With your kettlebell in one hand and feet shoulder-length distance, lift your weight over your head extending your arms. Bring it back down and onto the floor before switching hands and jump squat before picking the kettlebell back up with your opposite hand. Repeat!

Kettlebell Rows (30 seconds each arm with 15-pound kettlebell plus 10 seconds rest in between)

In a lunge position, lift your kettlebell back and up until your arm forms a 90-degree angle.

Banded Squat Walks (30 seconds plus 10 seconds rest in between)

With bands around your thighs, in a squatted position shift your feet to the left and then to the right. Austin says, “These are amazing for your thighs. Also, of course, your glutes, making sure you are staying upright. I am probably blasting some music right in here that pumps me up.”


Bonus Move: Banded Jumping Jacks (30 seconds plus 10 seconds rest in between)

For an extra burst of cardio goodness, keep your bands around your thighs and try jumping jacks.

Says Austin, “That's usually what I do every day. It usually takes me 35 minutes or less. That is all it takes to feel better. Get that adrenaline go and be more productive and feel so confident for the rest of the day.”