LionGrove CEO Shares Insider Perspective on Running Two Exceptional Puerto Rico Resorts

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar and Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resorts are two must-visit resorts in Puerto Rico.

Travelers seeking an unforgettable experience in Puerto Rico need look no further than the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar and Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resorts. Both properties, owned by hospitality company LionGrove, offer prime locations surrounded by natural beauty, luxury accommodations, diverse amenities and exceptional guest service. We spoke with LionGrove Founder & CEO Andro Nodarse-León to get an inside perspective on what makes these resorts stand out from the rest.

Nodarse-León explained that running a large resort is a complex and multifaceted operation that involves many different departments and personnel working together. Departments like the front desk, food and beverage, housekeeping, security and marketing all have to work together harmoniously to ensure that everything runs smoothly, with clear communication and a focus on providing exceptional guest service.

Read on for more of an inside scoop from Nodarse-León.

Andro Nodarse-León.

Andro Nodarse-León.

How does Wyndham Grand Rio Mar / Wyndham Palmas stay current and adapt to changing trends in the hospitality industry?

“There are several strategies that we implemented to stay current and adapt to changing trends in the hospitality industry. First, through market research, we understand current and future trends in the hospitality industry, as well as the needs and preferences of their target guests. Second, through technology integration, we seek to provide a modern and seamless experience. Third, we provide ongoing training to our team members to keep them up to date with the latest hospitality industry best practices and guest service standards. Fourth, we diversify our resort offerings to cater to a wider range of guests and stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Fifth, and crucial to our culture, is our investment in sustainability, by implementing environmentally-friendly practices and technologies to both help our community and appeal to environmentally-conscious guests.”

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar.

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar.

Can you walk us through a typical day at the hotel from the guests' perspective?

“A typical day for a guest in one of our two resorts might start with a cup of local coffee while taking in the stunning views of the ocean or tropical gardens from their room or balcony. Afterward, they might visit the hotel's fitness center for a workout or meditate by the beach. Mid-morning: The guest might go for a swim in one of the hotel's pools or spend some time lounging on the pristine beach. They might also choose to go for a hike in El Yunque Rainforest or visit the nearby wildlife sanctuary. For lunch, the guest might dine at one of the hotel's many restaurants, trying out a new cuisine or opting for a light bite by the pool. In the afternoon, they might enjoy a round of golf on one of the hotel's golf courses, play a game of tennis, or simply relax with a book on the beach. In the evening the guest might choose to or dine at one of the hotel's fine-dining restaurants and visit one of the hotel's bars for a nightcap cocktail featuring local Puerto Rico rum.”

Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resorts.

What is your personal favorite part of working in the hospitality industry? 

“We get to enrich lives by creating inspiring spaces and uplifting experiences for the betterment of our guests, team members, and the communities we serve. We are privileged to be the stewards of these two slices of paradise, Wyndham Grand Rio Mar and Wyndham Palmas, on this spectacular island of Puerto Rico. What is there not to love!”

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