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SI Swimsuit Models Give Their Casting Call Advice

Jasmine Sanders, Lais Ribeiro, and more share their secrets to landing gigs.

SI Swimsuit models make posing in front of the camera seem so effortless. But to get picked for our brand, they had to attend a casting call. Of course, attending casting calls is part of a model's daily life to book gigs. After attending hundreds and thereby securing coveted campaigns, they'd probably know a thing or two about rocking them. Want to know their secrets? We asked several famous faces to share their top tips for those wishing to stand out on their first casting calls.

Camille Kostek Studies the Brand

"I love to study the brand and understand what they stand for so that if the opportunity presents itself, I can acknowledge that I know and love what they are about,” says Kostek, 2021 SI Swimsuit model. “And be enthusiastic! They see so many faces and talk to so many people that when you walk in excited to be there, that energy radiates, and you become memorable. It's felt that you're excited to be a part of the project ahead. Smile, chin up, roll your shoulders back and own it, baby."


Jasmine Sanders Has a Diverse Look Book

"Make sure that you have your book to present to the client that shows a variety of angles, shots and emotions,” shares Sanders, 2021 SI Swimsuit model. “Make sure you come in the room, showing your personality as a clean slate, and be willing to work and take constructive criticism."

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Haley Kalil Doesn't Size Up the Competition

"I remember my first casting call; I was so nervous,” says Kalil, 2021 SI Swimsuit model. “I was Googling stuff nonstop: what to wear to a casting, what to bring, what to act like. I was clueless. The only thing I knew about casting calls I learned from America's Next Top Model (thank goodness for Tyra!). But the biggest thing you should bring with you is your confidence. Take up space. Be empowered and strong. Show the client who you are. Make sure you are mentally and physically feeling powerful. And never, ever compare yourself to the other men and women in the room (as hard as that is) because your biggest competition is yourself! So why not let yourself shine?"


Kate Bock Embraces "Mess Ups"

"Look everyone in the eye, speak clearly, listen and try to be confident,” says Bock, 2020 SI Swimsuit cover model. “Messing up isn't a problem. Don't get stressed if you make a mistake; sometimes they end up being better than perfection."

Lais Ribeiro Goes Natural

"When attending your first casting, I would definitely recommend wearing light, natural-looking makeup to show your natural beauty,” advises Ribeiro, 2021 SI Swimsuit model. “Wearing black or white also helps to have a blank slate to envision what other clothes you could model. Another thing to keep in mind when attending a casting is to show your personality. I know it's easier said than done, especially when you're nervous, but being yourself is so important."

Myla Dalbesio Doesn't Fret Rejection

"Don't attach too much significance to the results. As a model, you will face tons of rejection,” says Dalbesio, SI Swimsuit model. “Try not to let it get to you; there is always another opportunity around the corner, and nine times out of 10, you'll get to cast for this client again. Maybe you'll click with them next time."