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Get to know the latest SI Swimsuit contributing editor, Olivia Marcus. TikTok’s favorite fashionista is peeling back the layers on the life of being an influencer and is sharing her tips and tricks for fashion, beauty and everything in between.

Name: Olivia Marcus
Age: 25
Located: New York, NY

Socials: TikTok : @olivialmarcus | Instagram: @oliviamarcus

Three Facts About You:

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1. I was born in Germany and lived there for seven years

2. I’m a crazy cat lady and Phoebe Bridgers fan (those are probably the same thing)

3. I always eat the fortune cookie paper if I want it to come true

What's your dream vacation spot? Paris!

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration? 

Fanny Ekstrand and Linn Eklund (Stockholm based creators of Hobnob Journal)

What is your biggest tip for someone who wants to become an influencer?

The initial and ultimate goal should not be to be an influencer! Create content about something you are truly passionate about and influence will follow. Creating successful content involves a clear perspective, lots of time shooting footage and editing, and honest analysis of your content's performance. The more you practice creating, the better the output will be!

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