Robin Holzken's Supermodel Guide to New York City

Want to wine, dine and stay like a supermodel? You’re in luck.

When it comes to the best places in town for food, shopping, drinks and more, SI Swimsuit models know it all. So we asked them. They sent us their recommendations for food, drink, shopping and more and we’ve compiled it all in one place just for you. Don’t see your city? Stay tuned. Next up, Robin Holzken with a guide to the Big Apple (aka New York City).

I moved to New York when I was 18 and ever since then I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the city. It’s my favorite place and I always get so excited when I am here. I might not be a real New Yorker, but I’ve been here for a while now. Here are some of my favorite places to eat and activities to do.”

Best Waterfront in NYC: Battery Park

“I lived in Battery Park for about three years -- I just recently moved to the Financial District -- and what I love about Battery Park is the waterfront. You can go on a really nice walk or bike ride along the West Side Highway, grab some food at Brookfield Place and grab a cupcake at my favorite place, Sprinkles. I also love to just sit next to the water at one of the restaurants. I go to Le District a lot. It’s a super cute French restaurant and they have incredible frosé.”

Best Spot for a Harry Potter Fan: The Cauldron Magical Pub

“I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. If you are, too, I have the best activity for you. My friend and I are such fans, we took a potion-brewing class in the Financial District at a place called The Cauldron Magical Pub. They have a bar downstairs too, so if you don’t want to take the class you can just enjoy a drink at the bar.”

Best Art Show in Town: Artechouse

“Another place I really enjoy going to is Artechouse. It used to be a boiler room and is located beneath Chelsea Market. It’s a technologically advanced art platform. It’s a big digital art space where artists show off their art made of lights. I like it because you lose track of time and it’s like stepping outside of New York for a little while. Being there is like being in your own little world.”

Best View of Manhattan: Mr. Purple

“One more place that I love is Mr. Purple. I like taking my family and friends here when they're visiting from Holland. They have a really nice rooftop and the food is great. It’s just a really nice place to hang during summer."

When You Need a Bite to Eat: Butcher’s Daughter, Bluestone Lane, Catch, abcV, Ruby’s and Tofu Tofu:

“When it comes down to restaurants, I have a lot of places to go. Butcher's Daughter (West Village/Nolita) is vegetarian, the food is really good. I love their veggie chicken and they also have nice juices. Bluestone Lane (West Village) is next, I love their brekkie board which has avocado toast and yogurt that comes with lemon curd and the combo of that with the yogurt is amazing. Go to Catch (Meatpacking) and get the crispy cauliflower because I am OBSESSED with it. I absolutely love abcV (Flatiron) -- it’s another vegetarian restaurant and anything on the menu is good. Then there is Ruby’s. I love Ruby’s (Soho) because there are options for everyone and it’s also cheaper than most places in New York. Last up, Tofu Tofu (Nolita). This is a new place I recently discovered and it's delicious. I have been getting the vegetable bibimbap and it comes with so many sides -- always a plus!”

Alyssa Conroy