Save 20% on This Self Tanner Kit That Users Say Is ‘Best Tanning Foam Ever’

Get the glow without the sun damage.
Christen Harper.

Christen Harper.

Craving that coveted sun-kissed complexion but want to dodge the UV rays? Look no further than


, the spirited and inventive Australian self-tanning brand that’s rapidly becoming a global sensation. If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate tan, b.tan’s latest deal is calling your name. Their self-tanning kit, featuring a violet base dark one-hour self-tan mousse, is currently up for grabs with an irresistible 20% markdown on Amazon.

The standout feature of b.tan’s self-tanning kit is its violet base, which works like magic to neutralize any sneaky orange undertones. This little detail transforms the game for rookie tanners and all those who crave a rich, natural-looking tan that radiates confidence. Achieving a streak-free, flawless finish has never been easier, even if you’re new to the art of self-tanning.

But wait, there’s more—b.tan is a proud crusader of clean beauty. Their mousse boasts 100% natural DHA, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and proudly bears the PETA seal of approval. It’s a nod to those of us who seek both ethical and effective products. Beyond aesthetics, b.tan takes a stand for sustainable beauty, making indulgence planet friendly.

Starting Wednesday, you can snag this self-tanning kit at a steal to start experiencing b.tan’s signature quality.

Our eagle-eyed beauty aficionados scoured the reviews, and the consensus is clear. One user gleefully reported, “I was excited to try b.Tan AF, and it truly worked its magic within an hour or so. No more tanning salon mishaps! My friends have asked why I’d need to tan, being Puerto Rican, but this is my secret weapon for that perfect glow.” Another chimed in, “My hair stylist highly recommended this gem. I’m usually a victim of streaks and orange disasters, but b.tan proved to be a game-changer. The results are nothing short of impressive.”

But as with any beauty elixir, some experiences can vary. As one candid reviewer shared, “This is better and darker than most, but … It’s a two-day process for me, but the price point makes it worth the wait.”

The self-tanning kit from b.tan offers the key to a luminous tan without the sun’s pitfalls. With its distinctive violet base, dedication to clean beauty, and now an exclusive 20% off on Amazon, it’s an allure that’s impossible to resist. This is your chance to upgrade your tanning journey and embrace a luminous, confident you!

SI Staff