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SI Swimsuit Editors Reveal Their Favorite Wellness and Fitness Apps

Ever wonder how the behind-the-scenes team lives a healthy lifestyle?

While SI Swimsuit models have crazy busy schedules filled with photo shoots and days on the road, so, too, do the editors that help make the magic happen. For every effortlessly stunning beach snapshot you see, there is a team of women directing shots, coordinating schedules, and ensuring personalities are captured. Just like the models, these hardworking editors have to find ways to add balance into their hectic lives. That's where apps come in. Here some of SI Swimsuit's top behind-the-scenes talent shares their favorite wellness and fitness apps.


MJ Day Loves Calm

As SI Swimsuit’s editor In chief, Day has a lot on her plate so to get centered, she relies on the Calm app. On it, you can choose from a 10-minute guided meditation called the "Daily Calm" that provides a mindful lesson each day or pick a series to work through over a series of weeks. There is programming to help break bad habits or reduce anxiety. The popular app also has bedtime stories to help unwind after a long day, with famous voices like Matthew McConaughey narrating.

Hillary Drezner Relies on Her Apple Watch

Drezner is busy tackling all aspects of the SI Swimsuit business (think handling business deals and partnerships) in her role as general manager. That means she can easily get swept up in the day's activities. So she needs a little technological help to practice self-care. "I'm obsessed with my Apple Watch," she reveals. "I enjoy nothing more than when she politely reminds me to stand, breathe, walk, workout, close my activity rings, etc. I felt she was judging me at first, but now we are in a good place."

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Janine Berey and Darcie Burroughs.

Janine Berey and Darcie Burroughs.

Darcie Burroughs Uses Waking Up

Burroughs, the SI Swimsuit senior editor, is the queen of producing the magazine's photo shoots with some of the world's top models. And that's all while taking care of a toddler at home. How does the super mom unwind? The Waking Up app. It provides guided meditations, modern nuggets of wisdom and various techniques to turn mindfulness into a regular practice. There are courses to follow, tricks to learn about improving mental health and even neuroscience lessons that get into the science of finding your zen.

Janine Berey Swears By The Sculpt Society

Berey, an associate editor, is all about flexing her creative muscles to develop video content concepts that highlight the empowerment of SI Swimsuit's women. But when Berey wants to work her actual muscles, she turns to The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup. The celeb-favorite trainer is known for her dance cardio and targeted toning that ensures you get a full-body workout every time. SI Swimsuit model Kate Bock is also a fan!

Hillary Drezner, Margot Zamet and Joanna Giunta.

Hillary Drezner, Margot Zamet and Joanna Giunta.

Joanna Giunta Prefers Peloton

As the Social Media and Digital Manager, Giunta knows a thing or two about building an online community, having spearheaded the Sweat with Swimsuit live workout series. For her personal sweat sessions, though, the tech-savvy staffer turns to an at-home favorite. "I love the Peloton app," says Joanna. "I recently bought a Peloton bike, and that plus the app has changed my life."

Margot Zamet Has Two Go-Tos

Zamet, SI Swim’s editorial assistant, has her hands and brains in a little bit of everything within the franchise. So it's no surprise she has a couple of favorites for her wellness routine. "I love Melissa Wood Health for workouts," she says. "And the Oura Ring app that tells me how poorly I slept." Wood teaches invigorating and sculpting yoga that focuses on low-impact Pilates moves. Meanwhile, the Oura Ring is the most accurate sleep and activity tracker that helps give a holistic view of your health.