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SI Swimsuit Models Share Their Favorite Workout Moves

Abs, arms and legs, oh my!

While bikini season is only a few months long for most of us, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models must be beach-shoot ready at all times. That’s why they've nailed the perfect workout routines to stay in tip-top shape. But what are their go-to moves? Here are some of their favorite exercises to get the best results:

Camille Kostek's Ball Planks

Camille Kostek showed off her incredible abs on the SI Swimsuit 2019 cover, and now we know the secret. The TV host uses a large ball to complete plank jacks and plank roll-ins (where you hold a forearm plank on the ball and roll it in and out). The ball's added instability kicks up the intensity of the planks to really fire up those abs.

Nina Agdal's Kick Backs and Leg Curls


The 2014 cover star (who has started her own workout program, The Agdal Method) proves that you don't need heavy weights to sculpt your glutes. She showed off two toning moves -- kickbacks and leg curls -- that just use your body weight. Go on all fours and kick your leg straight back. Then keep it straight in the air and curl it in.

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Kate Bock's Leg Lifts with Ankle Weights

The 2020 cover model works her inner and outer thighs by putting on a pair of ankle weights, lying on her side, bending the bottom knee, and straightening the top leg. She then moves her leg up and down with a pulse at the bottom.

Ashley Graham's Handstand

Yoga fan and SI Swimsuit cover model Ashley Graham loves a classic strength move: a handstand. The simple (yet intense) move targets so many muscles, including your rhomboids, delts, lats, traps, arms and core. Not to mention, it works on your balance.

Lais Ribiero's Upright Band Rows

Resistance bands are the perfect tool to get in a solid workout anywhere in the world. The Brazilan model loves using them for upright rows where you hold the band with palms facing toward you and wrap the band around your feet. Then lift the band towards your chin. This move works the deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids and even the biceps. Toned arms, here we come!

Josephine Skriver's Rowing


We can't forget cardio! While there are many options to work up a sweat, Josephine Skriver is all about rowing these days. Why? Well, it burns a lot of calories in a short period and is simultaneously a full-body exercise since you're pushing with your legs, bracing with your core, and pulling with your arms.