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SI Swimsuit Models are Working Out Their Minds During COVID-19

There is more to self-care than working out your body.

More than 10 months into the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is feeling the fatigue. And SI Swimsuit models are no different. Used to jam-packed shooting schedules, models like Brooks Nader and Olivia Culpo have to find other ways of stimulating their minds to prevent a full-on burnout. Luckily, many of them have taken to social media to share how they’re coping amid COVID-19 restrictions and making the most of their time at home. Here are a few ways SI Swimsuit models are working out their minds during the pandemic.


Olivia Culpo Bakes

With so much time being spent at home during the pandemic, many people picked up cooking as a hobby. Olivia Culpo was one of them. The SI Swimsuit 2020 cover model shared her recipe for the “best carrot cake ever” and showed off the fruits of her labor. She also revealed how to make “healthier” chocolate chip zucchini brownies that are nutrient-dense but still indulgent.

Brooks Nader Hangs With Animals

Much like music therapy or sound baths, spending time with animals has been proven to lower blood pressure and help with depression. Brooks Nader found solace this summer during the pandemic by going for a peaceful horseback ride along the ocean. The New Yorker also took a boat ride ahead of Phase 3 openings in the city to clear her head.

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Nina Agdal Goes On Runs

Although technically a physical workout, Nina Agdal uses her runs to clear her mind as well. The model turned health and fitness coach has created an entire method that focuses on getting a toned model body in a holistically balanced way. Agdal even loves the natural endorphin kick so much that she ran a half-marathon on the treadmill to cap off 2020.

Sara Sampaio Plays Music

Numerous studies have found that listening to music helps brain function and promotes mental health. That’s why experiences like sound baths have become so popular over the years. But Sara Sampaio takes the creation of tunes into her own hands by playing the violin. She shared a photo of playing virtually with one of her pals in a stunning serene setting.

Ashley Graham Practices Yoga


Body inclusivity activist Ashley Graham is all about promoting self-care. On social media throughout the pandemic, she’s shared tips on how to make a spa-like experience at home to her garage workouts. But to get zen and centered, the new mom relies on yoga. Fellow Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady is also a big fan of yoga and meditation and posted over the summer how she loves getting outside to practice when she can to ground herself to the earth.

Aly Raisman Meditates

As an Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman knows what it takes to get her body into peak condition. But working on her mental health became much more important recently as the spread of COVID-19 created more anxiety for everyone. Her solution was to meditate more and put it into a regular practice using essential oils to enhance the experience. “Focusing on smells can help me feel more in my body when I feel stressed or tense,” said Raisman.