SI Swimsuit Models Discuss the Raw Realities of Motherhood in Panel at 2022 Launch

SI Swimsuit models and moms work to normalize what it means to be a mommy and a model.

In a group all their own, a collective of models who are also mothers came together on Day 2 of the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue launch weekend in Hollywood, Fla. to speak on a panel presented by Frida Mom. Discussing the raw realities of motherhood, the panelists included SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day, cover model Maye Musk, Kelly Hughes and Hunter McGrady.

Host Joy Allison Taylor, and SI Swimsuit model Maye Musk, editor  in chief MJ Day, and SI Swimsuit models Kelly Hughes and Hunter McGrady.

“The issue has really changed so much since I started overseeing its production some 10 years ago when we decided to expand the conversation around inclusivity and body diversity,” says Day. The intention, despite mixed public opinion, was always clear: to have all women feel represented within the pages. In the 2022 issue, that rings true for mothers, too. From a pregnant Katrina Scott to Hughes photographed with her visible C-section scar to six-month-postpartum McGrady, many shades of motherhood are on display. (Musk, a mother of three and a grandmother of 12, Ciara and Kim Kardashian are other mothers in the 2022 edition.) Here’s what some of the SI Swimsuit mamas had to say about their approach to parenting.

Maye Musk

“I just did what my parents did: work hard and be good people. And as a single mom I was really able to lean on help from my children. I also taught them to be helpful to people.”

MJ Day

“I have to give myself some grace—we try to do everything we humanly can and sometimes stuff goes wrong and you learn from that. I wish someone had told me that because you suffer as a mom feeling like you’re slipping. Moms are special people because we’re working really hard on all fronts.”

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Kelly Hughes

“I’ve learned that motherhood is a forever pívot and change. Kids are forever evolving. My son has like 400 personalities and nobody warned me about Year 3, but that’s why moms can lean on each other.“

Hunter McGrady

“When I got pregnant at the height of my career I thought, ‘Is it over’? Then my son was born and I noticed I’m just getting started. We can do it all if we want to. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you live solely for your baby–live your dreams. We’re superwomen and we can do it all if we want to.”

Jilian Sanz