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The Fashion Week Party With the Best Fall Hair in New York

The top trending hair colors and styles for fall were on display.

A gold mine of hair inspiration convened at Jeans Lafayette on Sunday as celebrity hair colorist Jenna Perry celebrated her salon’s third anniversary with a party during New York Fashion Week. The turnout was good, and the hair was spectacular.

It’s no surprise that Perry’s guests would have some of the city’s best locks, as her client list includes Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Maude Apatow, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Dua Lipa.

Ratajkowski’s new length is courtesy of stylist (and extension guru) Jessica Gillian. “I think people are moving towards long, feminine hair and their natural texture,” says Gillin about the increasing popularity of long hair, which was on full display at Perry’s gathering.

Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher, Jenna Perry, Vesper Ireland

Jennifer Fisher, Jenna Perry, Vesper Ireland

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Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher (pictured above, left)sported long straight hair and debuted a newly darker blonde which she has dubbed the color of “coconut sugar.” Fisher attributed her great hair to giving Perry creative control. “Let Jenna do what she wants to do,” says Fisher.

Ashley Avigone 

ashley avigo

Stylist Ashley Avigone shows off a flattering above the shoulder blunt bob, the perfect accessory to a statement top.

Bri Lessie

bie lessie

Model Bri Lessie gave perfect post-summer sun-kissed color and full volume curls.

Sky Kim

sky kim

Hair stylist Sky Kim keeps her to-die-for long bleached hair healthy with weekly hair masks and minimal hot tools. “It’s all about the post-shower care, I always use oils and a leave-in conditioner,” says Kim.

Cindy Shi

cindy shi

Cindy Shi upgrades her sleek ponytail with three braids.

Emily Baro

emily baro

Creative director Emily Baro goes with a slicked full bun and some perfectly piecey details.

Emila and Amanda Amus

emila and amanda amus

You’ve never seen a room with healthier blonde hair than at Perry’s party. Confirmed here by sisters Emila and Amanda Amus. The two give a hot hint of the ’70s.

Ashwin Deshmukh

Ashwin Deshmukh

Restaurateur Ashwin Deshmukh, owner of Jeans Lafayette, has an edgy blonde with textured styling.

Marissa Renee

Marissa Renee

If you needed a sign to get bangs this fall, Marissa Renee has got you. The short bob and full bang combo is super flattering.

For more of Jenna Perry’s signature “low-key, high maintenance” hair, check out her Instagram.