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Why You Need to Listen to “I’m Fine, You?” Immediately

Chrissy Rutherford hosts new podcast that breaks the stigma around anxiety and depression.

“I’m Fine, You?” is a new podcast hosted by beauty influencer and writer Chrissy Rutherford focusing on mental health issues. Maybelline Brave Together is the sponsor of the show and makes a monetary contribution to mental health organizations in conjunction with each episode.

Rutherford, a social media expert who has written on topics such as how she overcame her own anxiety disorder to the issues with tone policing and white savior complex present in the behavior of some white feminists, is a relatable guide through tough conversations. In “I’m Fine, You?” she dives headfirst into meaty themes including anxiety, breaking down the gender binary, and the importance of building community with guests like Alok, Rachel Cargle and Dr. Kathleen Pike in an effort to destigmatize these subjects, all of which impact mental health.

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Alok is an internationally renowned mixed-media artist whose work explores themes of trauma and the human condition. In their episode with Rutherford they pointedly note that they believe mental health is the most important conversation to be having at this time because “so many of our contemporary human rights issues can be linked back to people’s mental health, and the truth is many people grow up in families that tell them that they have to disappear themselves and conform in order to be worthy of love.”

We couldn’t agree more and we are patiently waiting for each of these episodes to roll out as this new podcast is officially in our heavy rotation. You can listen on any and all streaming services, like Apple and Spotify. New episodes will air every other Thursday at 12AM.