6 Powerful Black-and-White SI Swim Photos of Ebonee Davis

The model was featured in the magazine five years ago after participating in a special studio project.
Ebonee Davis was photographed by Taylor Ballantyne in a New York studio.

Ebonee Davis was photographed by Taylor Ballantyne in a New York studio.

Ebonee Davis was named a 2018 SI Swimsuit rookie, having participated in the brand’s model search competition two years prior. She posed for a powerful black-and-white studio project called “In Her Own Words,” in which models chose words or phrases to be painted on their bodies before being photographed by Taylor Ballantyne in a New York studio.

“Unconditional” and “passion” were written along Davis’s arms, while words like “love” and “infinite” were displayed across her stomach. The 30-year-old model was also captured in the nude, sans any written words.

“Following the model search competition in 2016, I was certain my time with Sports Illustrated had reached its end,” Davis previously told SI Swimsuit. “Shortly after the competition wrapped, and after years of conforming to industry standards, I made the career altering decision to go natural and became vocal about the racial bias I experienced during my time in the industry. Getting the call to shoot for this year’s issue of Sports Illustrated was the last thing I expected, especially after changing my appearance and speaking out, but it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my career. What I know now that I didn’t know [then] is I am most powerful when I am creating from my own lane and my authentic self is good enough. I am not only coming back as a rookie, I am coming back as Ebonee. The real me. Unapologetic and 100% true to myself.”

Below are six dynamic images captured during Davis’s 2018 SI Swimsuit special feature.


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