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Get ready to cheer on the U.S. with Alex Morgan's Best SI Swimsuit Shots!

Today is certainly a day for the history books in the good ol' U.S. of A., and as we prepare for even more action when the U.S. team takes on China in the Women's World Cup quarterfinals, we couldn't help but think of our girl Alex Morgan

Appearing not one, but two times in SI Swimsuit, Alex is the definition of a woman who is both strong AND sexy. Back in 2012, Alex showed her confidence in body paint (because with a figure like hers, why wouldn't you want the world to see how GORGEOUS you are?!), and loved the experience so much that she returned in 2014 for our 50th anniversary issue. 

So what better way to get in the spirit to cheer on the home team than with some sexy shots of our favorite forward and Olympian? We didn't think you'd disagree.

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Check out highlights from Alex' body painting photo shoot in the video above, and be sure to tune in tonight at 7pm EST on FOX, as the U.S. looks for yet another victory on the pitch! 

See some of Alex's best moments from SI Swimsuit!

Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 14
Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 9
alex morgan 2014 premium photo op44-230937-rawfinal.jpg
Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 18
Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 4
Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 8
alex morgan 2014 premium photo op44-231121-rawfinal.jpg
alex morgan 2014 premium photo op44-232094-rawfinal.jpg
alex morgan 2014 web photo op44-235302-rawfinalw.jpg
Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 11
Alex Morgan 2014 Swimsuit 19
alex morgan 2014 web photo op44-235770-rawfinalw.jpg
alex morgan 2014 web photo op44-235333-rawfinalw.jpg


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