Five Times Emily DiDonato Got Real About Pregnancy

The SI Swimsuit model has shared every step of her motherhood journey.
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Emily DiDonato has always been known for sharing everything about her life. From makeup and skincare advice to relationships, the SI Swimsuit model has gained a massive following for her no-filter nature. So, when DiDonato announced she was expecting a baby a few months ago (and then welcomed her bundle of joy in November), fans were eager to follow along on her journey. And the Covey skincare founder was once again an open book. (Sometimes, she would even apologize if the info was TMI). What did she say? Well, here are five times DiDonato got honest about pregnancy.

Discussing Postpartum Fears

During one of her “ask me anything” segments on Instagram, a fan asked if she was scared about giving birth. Not surprisingly, her response was honest. DiDonato explained that she wasn’t frightened about giving birth because the baby had to come out somehow. Instead, she explained what did scare her. “I feel a little more nervous about postpartum just because of breastfeeding and the lack of sleep,” said the model.

Describing Intimate Birthing Prep

DiDonato answered followers’ questions about everything from maternity style tips to managing morning sickness throughout her pregnancy. But as her due date approached, more fans began wondering how she was prepping physically to give birth. In addition to acupuncture and massage, the entrepreneur also shared that she puts rose oil in her vagina to help ease the birthing process.

Sharing Difficult Tasks

While DiDonato has been the poster child for stunning maternity style, she shared that not all is as glamorous as it seems. In a post where she looked runway-ready in a sweater, leggings and knee-high boots, she said, “Taking applications for whoever would like to help me get these boots off at the end of the day because lord knows I can’t do it.”

Calling Out Haters

DiDonato has called out people who have bashed her for sharing the non-positive side of pregnancy, whether hormonal or just speaking the truth. In a recent post, she wrote, “I’ve gotten multiple DMs today of people being like ‘stop thinking about giving birth so much and just relax and enjoy’ and multiple ‘you will probably be two weeks late.’ And I just want those people to know that you are annoying AF, and I’d like to kick your booty. Bye!" You tell them!

Revealing the Boring Side of Labor

On November 23, DiDonato revealed she had finally gone into labor. And while many people describe it as a magical (and painful) process, many don’t acknowledge the boring part. The entrepreneur did. “I’m 3cm dilated, so we are taking a walk around the block until my contractions are strong enough/I need an epidural,” DiDonato shared. “Pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. Not what I pictured for this v special day, but I do love their hot chocolate. So, I’ll take it.”

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