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Hunter McGrady Is Pregnant With Her Second Baby

The SI Swimsuit model “is feeling all the emotions.”

Hunter McGrady is going to be a mom of two! The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model revealed the exciting news that she and her husband Brian Keys are expecting a second baby together in March 2023. “Hudson is going to be a big brother,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of her revealing the news to family and friends. “We couldn’t be more excited to enter this new season of life in growing our family. I’m feeling all the emotions from excitement to nervous to giddy! This pregnancy has been wildly different than my pregnancy with Hudson.”

 Hunter McGrady attends the launch of the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue in Hollywood, Fla. 

 Hunter McGrady attends the launch of the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue in Hollywood, Fla. 

The All Worthy founder, who is also a stepmom to Keys’s daughter, is at the beginning of her second trimester. “I shared how I knew I was pregnant, how I found out, what has been different, walking the runway while pregnant, all the mixed emotions and more on our podcast,” the Model Citizen podcast co-host continued in the caption. “Can’t wait to share this journey again with you guys over the next few months as you all were so gracious and supportive during the last time.”

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The 29-year-old continually keeps her followers up to date on big life events but kept this one hush hush until now. In fact, before heading to Miami Swim Week in July, she felt something was off but “not in a sick way,” so she took a pregnancy test with her sister Michaela watching. The test confirmed what she was thinking but that didn’t stop her from dominating the runway with her sister. “I was about one and a half, two months pregnant,” she explained on her podcast. “It was so hot, but the show must go on. There were three of us on that runway.”

While she is over the moon with the news, navigating two under two is a bit overwhelming. “I am so nervous because I know what newborn phase entails, but of course, now I feel prepared,” she told her sister. “There will be sleepless nights. Figuring out how to do two. I have one down and then adding another and the whole dichotomy of changing is scary.”

One thing she does look forward to is the close bond her son Hudson, who celebrated his first birthday in June, will have with his little sibling like she has with hers. “I am giving my son hopefully his best friend for life,” she said. “I have never thought of only having one. I wanted them close in age.”

As for how she is feeling, this pregnancy has been different than her first. “This pregnancy, running after a 1-year-old, I’m very tired,” she revealed. “[There’s] a little nausea, but I have medication. I’m much more relaxed this pregnancy.”