Jena Sims Talks Creating a Home Office Space That Fits Her Multi-Dimensional Needs and Careers

The Swim Search co-winner, who is set to appear as a rookie in this May’s magazine, is a non-profit CEO, mom and designer.
Jena Sims

Jena Sims.

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Influencer, swimwear designer, CEO and 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie Jena Sims has created her dream home with her husband, professional golfer Brooks Koepka. The couple, who welcomed their baby boy, Crew, last July, broke ground on their Florida house in 2019, moved in in 2021, and are still making changes to fit their needs today.

“We designed this house as an ideal space for two people to live together. It was really important for the both of us to inject our personality into it because when I first moved in with Brooks his house was like black-and-white and I was like absolutely not. I’m such a rainbows, sparkles color girl, it’s funny,” she shares with a laugh. “Everyone that comes here is like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can totally see like the, both of your personalities in this home.’”

For Sims, being productive is staring her day with a cup of coffee and heading straight to her office—where she filmed her Swim Search audition clips, in fact. When designing and updating the space, she keeps in mind that to feel and work her best, the space has to be a reflection of her vibrant personality and interests.

Creating a productive office space, and making it her own

The 35-year-old is the cofounder Pageant of Hope, as well as the creator of her own beachwear line with One One Swim, so creating a “multifunctional, ever-changing” home office space that fit all of her needs and vastly different avenues of work, was really important.

“I am such an introvert. Don’t get it twisted—I love to go to events and I love to socialize and I love to party, but then when it’s time for me to recharge, I have to be alone. So I created these little spaces in this home, like my office, where I can close my door and literally everyone knows like don’t come in here,” she shares. “Sometimes I’ll just order like Uber Eats and just sit in here and eat. It’s just the ultimate like girl’s room. I have like a platform where if I’m doing like a fitting for like launch or something like that, I have that professional lighting. I have my non-profit stuff. I have my swimwear line. I have storage for the brand.”

She describes the space as a “hodgepodge,” but that’s the best way she gets her work done—and, of course having an iridescent desk and tons of colorful artwork helps.

“It’s my personal workspace, there’s nothing golf in here, nothing baby [related],” she adds. “It’s all me in here.”

Displaying her accomplishments

When asked what the “source of joy” in her office is—the equivalent of the wine fridge in her closet—Sims has an unexpected answer. It’s not the fluffy rainbow swing that Koepka likes to hang out on, but rather all of her accomplishments.

She is proud of all that she has done in her career, and uses her achievements as inspiration for future success.

“I have like every swimsuit I’ve ever designed to my right and my wedding gown to my left. I did a magazine cover for local Jupiter magazine, and I had it blown up on the wall over there. The swimsuit I wore [for the SI Swimsuit Runway Show] at Miami Swim Week, I got it painted. I have some of my like non-profit awards back here,” she says, and encourages people to show off the work they are proud of in a similar way. “Don’t be afraid to let your accomplishments shine.”

Sims adds that the visual reminder of all she has done is meant to “inspire” her to keep going, and work hard.

“People should be proud of what they’ve done. If you have an office, that’s where you should put these things. Whether it’s like your master’s degree, or [whatever,] hang that s--- on the wall, don’t put it in a closet somewhere,” she continues. “Anything that you’re proud of or anything you’ve accomplished that relates back to your career, put it on the walls of your office.”

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