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Jessica Gomes: 25 Facts About Me

Jessica Gomes :: Derek Kettela/SI

Jessica Gomes :: Derek Kettela/SI

Jessica Gomes may be the most popular Australian SI Swimsuit model this side of Elle Macpherson. The Perth-born model, the daughter of a Portugese father and Chinese mother, has appeared in the past six swimsuit issues. In addition to SI, Gomes has posed for Vogue, Victoria's Secret, Urban Oufitters, Levi's and DKNY Jeans. She recently made headlines when she was named the fashion ambassadr for David Jones, replacing Miranda Kerr. Want to learn more? Here are 25 other random facts about Jessica Gomes.


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1. I started modeling at the age of 10 when I did a sports kids commercial.

2. I'm the youngest of four siblings.

3. I have a fear of snakes.

4. I competed in the first ever season of Korean Dancing With The Stars and came in third place.

5. I grew up playing Netball (its a commonwealth sport)

6. I went to Catholic school, which I hated.

7. I love shopping for clothes, shoes and bags.

8. I've never been to a Beyonce concert but that's all changing this year because I have tickets to the Mrs. Carter show. WOO.

Beyonce :: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Beyonce :: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

9. I left Perth to model when I was 17-years-old by myself.

10. I love to cook breakfast.

11. I love anything to do with London right now.

12. I hate New York in the winter.

13. My favorite candy is raspberry licorice

14. I love to get massages and be pampered.

15. I have a new found love for race car driving. I'm a fan of F1.

Jessica Gomes' F1 License :: @iamjessicagomes

Jessica Gomes' F1 License :: @iamjessicagomes

16. I love fresh flowers in my house, especially white roses.

17. I'm really scared of sharks.

18. I wish I could be a badass rapper.

19. I love summers in Europe and drinking rose.

20. My dream is to be in a film.

21. I love dancing, especially hip hop dancing.

22. I am a huge fan of NBA basketball. My favorite player is Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant :: John W. McDonough/SI

Kobe Bryant :: John W. McDonough/SI

23. I have three tattoos that I'm currently removing.

24. I love to eat french fries so much!