Marloes Horst Brings the Fun to the Beaches of Madagascar in These 6 Photos

The model made a lasting impression during her 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue feature.
Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst was photographed by Derek Kettela in Madagascar.

In 2014, Dutch model Marloes Horst made her debut as an SI Swimsuit model. With roughly seven years of modeling experience under her belt by the time of her feature in Madagascar, she was more than prepared for the experience. She took to the beaches of the coastal nation alongside photographer Derek Kettela.

While there, Horst flaunted her skills as a model, but also made sure to have a lot of fun, too. The trip included posing with a chameleon on her arm and on the deck of an old sailboat, both of which presented some challenges for the model. She proved herself up to the task, though. 

The feature was just just one in a number of impressive gigs that Horst had landed in her career up to that point. In the same year, Horst became one of the newest faces of Victoria’s Secret. Moreover, her list of brand campaigns was—and is—extensive, including the likes of Carolina Herrera, Armani and Ralph Lauren.

These days, she continues to pursue modeling, but she also spends a lot of quality time with her husband and their son, who was born in 2021.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since her SI Swimsuit feature. It feels like just yesterday that she was bringing her fun-loving energy to the beaches of Madagascar. Today, we’re throwing it back to that photoshoot. Here are some of our favorite snaps from the trip.

Marloes Horst stands on a boat in the water, wearing a patterned strapless bikini.
Marloes Horst sits on the beach in a vibrant triangle bikini set.
Marloes Horst walks down the beach in a string bikini.
Marloes Horst sits on the sand in a patterned triangle bikini.
Marloes Horst stands in the shallow water in front of an old sailboat in a neon pink bikini set.
Marloes Horst sits on the beach and looks at the camera, wearing a purple patterned bikini top.

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