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Marquita Pring Wants to Host a Travel Show

The model tested out her hosting skills during her 2022 SI Swimsuit shoot.

Marquita Pring entered the modeling world at just 15 and soon started traveling around the world by herself for gigs. That early exposure to new destinations and cultures caused the upstate New York native to get bit by the travel bug. The SI Swimsuit model always tries to tack on a couple of extra days to explore wherever work has brought her. Pring would love to take that passion for adventure to the next level and host a travel show, something she got a small taste of during her 2022 SI Swimsuit shoot in Barbados.

How was this year’s shoot different from your others?

“Super exciting! I’ve been the designated mountain girl for a little [while now.] But it was awesome to be in the sun, on the beach in Barbados in the middle of winter. I haven’t gotten to do that before."

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Were there any funny behind-the-scenes moments?

“We started in the morning, and it was 19 degrees out. That’s tough when shooting swimwear! But it’s one of those moments where I was impressed with myself because it was so cold and my work ethic is Let’s do excellent work fast and efficiently. So, I think we banged out like six shots before even 10 a.m.”

How was being on a beach compared to the mountains?

“I got used to the mountains and the ranch vibes. So, when I was on the beach, this person came out and surprised me. MJ and I were going through some of the shots, and she said, ‘Who is this girl?’ I said, ‘I don’t know her yet. I’m still meeting her and figuring her out.”

What were some other fun parts of the shoot?

“I got to do this little travel show giving a tour around the town and getting to know the local shops and restaurants. That was super exciting! It gave me the first taste of what hosting a TV show could be like because that is my dream. I want a show where I can travel the world and teach people about different cultures, food and women-run businesses.”

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What did you highlight in Barbados?

“I did a high and low food tour. We started on the beach with something cheap like a snow cone, then went to a beach shack for a fish cut, which is like a local sandwich, and interviewed a family member who’s owned the business for like 70 years. And we did a fine dining experience. It wet my whistle and got me very excited to pursue more of that kind of work.”

Have you always wanted your own travel show?

“I’ve been modeling for 16 years, and while it’s been a wonderful career, I’m always thinking about what’s next. I am trying to listen to what sparks bliss for me. And I find that when I’m on camera, I just come alive in another way. So I need to figure out how to make that part of my career. So, yes, that is definitely the goal and dream.”

Since you are such a travel lover, is there a place that’s still on your bucket list?

“I have an endless bucket list. But Asia is still very much at the top of my list cause I’ve never been. I think Thailand would be incredible. There’s also this small lake in Palau called Jellyfish Lake because it’s overpopulated with jellyfish. And you can swim with them! SI should do a shoot there.”