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#SISwimSearch Q&A: Allie Ayers Was Ready to Give Up on Her Modeling Dreams

Get to know #SISwimSearch finalist Allie Ayers!

#SISwimSearch is back and we need your helping picking a member of the SI Swimsuit 2019 rookie class! But first, get to know one of our amazing finalists, Allie Ayers. This cutie hails from Oklahoma, has her own swimwear line, and may or may not be a computer whiz. Read up about all things Allie in the interview below!

Sports Illustrated: How have things changed for you since this experience with SI Swimsuit began, both professionally and personally?

Allie Ayers: I guess the thing that really I think is the most massive change is right before right this happened for me, I was planning on going back and getting a job in Austin, Texas, and getting a ‘big girl’ job. I thought I was done with modeling. And so, it’s an interesting twist in my own mind to realize that if this hadn’t happened I would just be doing my ‘big girl’ job like not modeling at all. So, really this flipped the game for me completely. Obviously social media has gone crazy. Luckily I’ve got a really incredible friend group.

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SI: Have you had an increase in creepy direct messages on social media?

AA: Of course. I have a roommate out here in LA now and we actually just got the same exact DM from the same guy, and he didn’t even bother to change the emojis or anything. So, there are just things all the time. I’m like, "Seriously?!".

SI: Is your swimsuit line something that you think you’d be doing if SI hadn’t happened?

AA: I think this pushed me to do it faster, and it gave me the confidence to just go ahead and jump into it, but that’s something that I wanted to do anyway. Really the idea kind of started when I was doing computer coding retreats and living on beaches and working on beaches, so the idea started there. So, I think I would have gotten there eventually, but it just pushed me to jump in head first.


SI: You mentioned getting a ‘big girl’ job. What would that have been?

AA: During college, I was getting my Bachelor of Health Science to go into occupational therapy, so I would have been qualified to do that. But going through college, I was actually building websites to pay for my college, and I ended up liking creative tech stuff better, so I probably would have gotten into some kind of creative tech job.

SI: What motivated you to make the move to LA?

AA: New York was great for a lot of reasons. I wanted to live there for a long time and I checked that off my list, but don’t feel like that was my permanent place. I needed somewhere the was a little easier on me and LA seems like a place, and I hope it will be a place, that I can work and continue to pursue this modeling thing, but not feel so exhausted. Getting your groceries is like a challenge in New York, so I’m kind of ready for a little bit of an easier lifestyle!


SI: Do you worry about your family seeing sexy photos of you in the magazine?

AA: I was more worried about it at the start, but now people know what to expect and if they were going to say something or feel something, they’ve already felt that way and I don’t really care. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. This is a goal I’ve had for a really long time. I knew the grandmas might not be so into it, but they love me anyway and they’re really proud, so it’s not a big deal.

SI: In 10-20 years do you see yourself back in Oklahoma?

AA: That’s a really good question. I love my family and when I decide to have kids I want them to be able to be near my parents and brother, but just that’s just so far in the future. If I could relocate all of them where I am at the time, I would do that, but we’ll see.

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