SI Swimsuit Models React to Achieng Agutu’s Rookie Photo Shoot

We really admire the support that these brand stars show each other.
Achieng Agutu

Achieng Agutu.

On Feb. 28, the initial photos from Achieng Agutu’s SI Swimsuit rookie photo shoot were revealed. As a co-winner of the 2023 Swim Search open casting call, we all knew the reveal was coming, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an absolute joy to watch when it finally did. 

The “confidence queen” brought all of the best energy to the set of her feature in Mexico. Her good attitude is visible both in the fabulous photos that she posed for and the energetic clips that she filmed while on set.

Our excitement to announce her as the newest member of the SI Swimsuit family was only matched by the joy that her fellow SI Swimsuit models voiced following the reveal. On an Instagram post that the official SI Swimsuit account shared to make the announcement, several members of the family took to the comments to voice their support.

“OUR QUEEN!!!! We love you so much!!!” Berkleigh Wright exclaimed.

“Ahhhh I'm screaming! @noordinarynoire yessss!!!!!” Sharina Gutierrez added.

“Gorgeous @noordinarynoire ❤,” Hunter McGrady complimented the rookie.

“Wow wow wow. Obsessing over you right now,” Penny Lane wrote.

“Ahhhhh yes! Rookie reveals are my fav,” Jena Sims expressed.

“Wow, so gorgeous and her energy is beautiful!!! ❤,” Yumi Nu sweetly said.

“Absolutely yes 😍🔥🔥🔥,” Winnie Harlow gushed.

We absolutely love to witness the support between the veteran and rookie models and the appreciation they all have for each other.

Read more about Achieng Agutu’s 2024 SI Swimsuit photo shoot here.

Martha Zaytoun


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