Highlights of Sue Bird's 2022 Photo Shoot in St. Thomas - Swimsuit | SI.com

Sue Bird was photographed by Laretta Houston in St. Thomas for SI Swimsuit 2022.

"I'm Sue Bird. We are near St. Thomas right now about the shoot, the WNBAs Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. It's a beautiful day. We've got beautiful suits. It should be fun.

When I got the call, I was floored. Super excited, but at the same time, like mind blown kind of a moment. Obviously I've seen the magazine for years and years and years. Megan [Rapinoe], my fiancé was in it, so I'm kind of aware of what it's all about, but to actually be invited to know what they're celebrating. It's amazing.

I feel like I was lucky in that we did the group shot first. So it was a good way to be around other people to get used to being in front of the camera, in your suit. And so now that's the individual day, I feel like a little more relaxed - ready for it"


SI Staff