Our Favorite Gender-Neutral Swimwear Brands for 2024

These LGBTQIA+-founded and-owned companies are focused on creating ethically sourced, sustainable gender-affirming pieces.

Warm weather days are ahead and summer calls for swimwear you feel comfortable in. Whether that means a sporty, 1970s-inspired unitard, tucking bikini bottoms, swim trunks or rash guards, there’s something out there for everyone to look and feel their best in all summer long.

Gender-affirming clothing can be difficult to find, and securing comfortable, flattering swimwear comes with it’s own added layer of challenges. Everyone deserves to look good and feel good while swimming in the ocean or lounging by the pool, because all bodies are beach bodies.

While there’s always room for growth and improvement, the fashion industry has made exciting progress over the past couple of years, with several brands adding options with built-in binders or compression, bottoms with extra support and tucking functionality, and gender neutral styles to their websites.

From simple basics to functional pieces, here are some LGBTQIA+-owned, trans-friendly and size inclusive brands that are changing the game when it comes to gender-neutral swimwear and apparel.



Rubies was created by Jamie Alexander and his daughter, Ruby, who transitioned when she was 9 years old, with the goal of providing clothing and a sense of community for transgender girls. The website has tons of bikini bottoms and underwear featuring soft compression to keep everything in place and provide worry-free comfort without any compromise in style.

Website: rubyshines.com

Origami Customs

origami customs

This brand’s all-gender swimwear line is the “first of its kind.” At Origami Customs, gender labels are irrelevant and custom sizing is always free. The brand knows swimwear is made to fit you, not the other way around, and its signature, lightly compressive fabric is designed to smooth and shape to your silhouette. The queer and trans-run fashion brand focuses on creating sustainable, gender and body-affirming pieces for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Website: origamicustoms.com



Spider and Emet Perry founded NerdyKreppie in 2016 in Portland with the goal to make quality Pride and nerdy clothing that wasn't available on the market at the time. “We hold to this ethos years later—we want our clothing to be ethically sourced, well-made, and as affordable as possible for our community. Oh yeah, and with pockets,” reads the website.

Website: nerdykreppie.com



Humankind creates apparel for everyone, with the goal of comfortability from “land to sea.” From colorful, patterned board shorts and swim trunks to sleek matching compression swim tops and briefs, Humankind offers everything you'd need to look and feel your best. Haily Marzullo founded the brand in 2019 and has maintained the process of testing each and every piece, made with high-quality sporty, stretchy fabrics, to suit different body types.

Website: humankind.com



Chromat’s tagline is “future-forward bodywear.” The brand is committed to creating empowering, perfectly fitting pieces for all shapes and sizes, while reinforcing the idea that there are many definitions of beauty and every body is a beach body. A diverse team of creative collaborators ranging from artists and scientists to choreographers and architects power this New York City- and Miami-based company.

Website: chromat.co

Beefcake Swimwear

beefcake swimwear

Mel Brittner Wells officially launched Beefcake in 2017, two years after making a swimsuit for her roommate who wanted a 1920s-inspired leotard one-piece. At the time, the only ones available were made out of wool, which is incredibly hard and uncomfortable to swim in. Today, the gender-neutral swimwear brand is focused on creating ethically-sourced and sustainable pieces that help people feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, while creating the least amount of environmental harm. Each piece is made with intention and in small batches to reduce waste.

Website: beefcakeswimwear.com



Ompelimo Harakanpesä, a one-person sewing business located in Tampere, Finland, is the creator behind Muunne’s signature binders and apparel.

Founder, seamstress, manager and everything in between, Ree began making binders for themself after being met with a lack of high-quality, effective products in Europe. The brand began out of this need for a binder and has expanded to a few carefully and ethically made swimwear pieces. Muunne even offers custom gender-affirming binders to help consumers feel the most confident and comfortable.

Website: muunne.com



Both& takes pride in building clothing and community. Each item is made with intention and created on a data-backed system developed with feedback from AFAB (assigned female at birth), masc presenting community members.

Founder Finnegan Shepard grew up wondering why clothes weren’t built on a binary system and why he felt a choice had to be made between fit and style because both were never guaranteed. Today, each Both& collection is released with the goal of creating “the most euphoric, masc fit so you can feel comfortable and confident all day long.”

Website: bothandapparel.com

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Ananya Panchal