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Abby Dahlkemper on Getting in the Zone for Her SI Swimsuit Shoot, What the World Cup Means to Her

Get to know Abby Dahlkemper off the soccer field!

United States Women's National Team forward Abby Dahlkemper knows how to bring it on the soccer field and in front of the camera. That is why we’re so thrilled to see her in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019! Her photos are beyond fierce and her passion for her team is undeniable. We caught up with Abby to find out how she felt on the day of her shoot in St. Lucia, what it means to be heading to this year's World Cup in France, and more!

On her reaction to learning she was going to be in SI Swimsuit: I was kind of in disbelief because Sports Illustrated is such an iconic magazine to be a part of. I was just shocked… and honored and I was really excited about the opportunity to have people get to know me off the field and not in soccer clothes.

On her emotions after landing in St. Lucia: I was really excited…I was talking to Alex, Megan and Crystal before and they had all gone and their pictures turned out great. We were all really excited... and I think this is something we’ll obviously remember forever and it’s such an honor to be a part of.

On getting in the zone for her shoot: [The SI Swimsuit team] just made me feel super comfortable and confident in whatever I was trying on and wearing, so I think that that helped the night before. And then I just kind of got in zone in front of the camera on the first day.... As a soccer player and being out in the field you really have to make adjustments through the game, and I think that’s kind of similar to this shoot and the way that I approached it... As I went along throughout the day, I ended up with a sheer shirt on and I felt comfortable and confident.

On the USWNT’s unification following the lawsuit for equality: I think that all the girls are rallying around each other and the team and supporting each other. We filed this lawsuit together... and I think that on and off the field we’re all rallying together and around each other… and using our platforms to create a positive change and influence in any way we can. I think that’s a really cool and special and powerful thing that we’re doing and hopefully we can create change. I think that naturally there’s always going to be that competitiveness in any athletic environment and I think that competitiveness is a main characteristic of anyone who has gotten to this level... because you couldn’t get here without being competitive because there are just so many great female soccer players and athletes in general, but we’re definitely coming together as a team.

On the opportunity to go to the World Cup: It’s every girl’s dream. It’s the pinnacle of any goal anyone would ever have set for their soccer careers. It’s special.

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