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Alex Morgan on Her Third SI Swimsuit Shoot, Her Hope for Future Generations of Female Soccer Players

Third time’s a charm!

Alex Morgan is back and better than ever! From body paint, to the beaches of Guana Island, and now her very own Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, the co-captain of the United States Women's National Team can officially call herself a modeling pro. Alex made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2012 and we’ve been hooked ever since. To say we’re in awe of her beauty is an understatement, but we’re even more blown away by her commitment to fighting for female equality. We caught up with Alex to discuss what it meant to pose for SI Swimsuit for a third time, the USWNT’s quest for fairness, and more.

On returning for her third SI Swimsuit photoshoot: It was so awesome. The last two shoots, I was the only soccer player and that was totally fine. [I was] really happy to represent my team and to represent the soccer community, but just to be able to do it with such an empowering group of women that I share such a big life with was just even more amazing.

On deciding which of her teammates would help her represent the USWNT in the magazine: When MJ presented me with the idea and the platform to be able to co-produce this portion of the shoot, I was just so honored and excited and I felt like it was important to really show the diversity of this team, as well as show the youth and the experienced players.

On embracing her sexy side: I think that I’ve definitely grown into this side of myself and being able to really show off my personality and my style off the field. I have dedicated a lot of my life to soccer, but I am in no way defined by what I do. And so, in that, I am more than just a soccer player and I’m so happy taking advantage of opportunities off the field.

On the significance of the USWNT’s lawsuit: This lawsuit is one example of how women are really not treated on an equal stance and not given equal seats at the table, and I think bringing awareness to that is huge. The support we’ve gotten is just overwhelming. It also allows women to feel brave and courageous to tell their stories and I think that that chain reaction is really so helpful to society today.

On what it means to be going to her third World Cup: Each world cup has been so different in where I was with the national team and the roll I played within the team. I think that this World Cup, having a chance to compete on the biggest stage and want to come home with another title is just another incredibly opportunity for me to show my talent [and] for us 23 players to be able to represent this country, and how far the sport has really come within the country and globally. I think it’s going to be the most watched Women’s World Cup to date.

On her hope for future generations of female soccer players: My hope is that the future generation can focus on playing and that equality is a given, isn’t a fight. I don’t know if in my generation true equality will be given, but my hope is that we do set that next generation up to have even more opportunity than we currently do just as the last generation did for us. And I also hope that I inspire the next generation to use their platform and use their voice on important issues.

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