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Ashley Graham Gets Fired up in the SI Swimsuit Comments Section and We're all About it

Ashley Graham shuts down Instagram trolls who think hip cleavage isn't sexy. 

Well, that didn't take long. 

Just a few hours ago, we wrote a post praising Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Ashley Graham for her super sexy hip cleavage. In case you missed it, hip cleavage is a term coined by Page Sixto describe the line that forms on bare hipbones when a swimsuit bottom is hiked up. It's everything — trust us. 

And it didn't take long for her millions of fans — and the haters — to take notice. Our Instagram post showcasing one of the best examples of her flawless hip cleavage from our SI Swimsuit 2018 shoot in Nevis raked in thousands of likes and hundreds on comments in just minutes. But not all of them were positive...

• You go, girl! Ashley Graham shuts down Internet trolls who think she's too skinny now

"Hip Cleavage isn't a thing. That's just something you say to make chick Fil a more acceptable," one user wrote. Thankfully our bombshell has never been one to take bullying laying down, and she clapped back with one of the best responses we've ever seen. 

"I feel quite accepted, thanks," she wrote. "Don't need you or social media to 'feel' accepted. I love myself and that's all that matters. Hope that you daughters, wife, mom, aunt, friends all feel accepted on their own bc we know you won't be."


Other fans came to Ashley's defense, pointing out that the haters know literally nothing about her balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

"She's very healthy, actually," @kingkrysss wrote. "Have you seen her workouts? I'm way smaller and way less healthy. Size does not dictate health."

"Hip cleavage isn't a trend it is a way of life," another supporter penned. 

In the words of another former SI Swimsuit cover model: BOY, BYE. 

See all of Ashley's gorgeous photos from SI Swimsuit 2018: