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Ashley Graham Gives Us a Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Look at What Fittings Are Really Like

Ashley Graham shows us the relatable side of modeling.

Ashley Graham is known for keeping it real. Whether she’s shutting down body shamers, getting super candid about her sex life, or showing us how to fix a streaky spray tan with Windex, our girl Ashley doesn’t hold back. 

The three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model proved once again that she’s #relatable by showing us the not-so-glamorous side of her fittings. Ashley took to Instagram on Tuesday to post photos of her struggling to get a tight mesh shirt over her head. 

“We all have those days, today was mine,” Ashley wrote in the caption. 

She even joked about the fitting fiasco with fans in the comment section of her post, with one user asking the million dollar question: “Did you get it on?!”

“Not even close!!” Ashley responded. “Everyone was laughing and I had to ask for help to get out!”

Models, they’re just like us!

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