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Chrissy Teigen comes clean about the role tequila played in that bare-butt John Legend photo

By now, you've definitely seen the photo our girl Chrissy Teigen posted to Instagram of her hubby's cute tooshie. But now, it looks like she's finally coming clean about how exactly the post came to be. 


In a new interview with Modern Luxury, Chrissy tells the magazine that a wild night in Paris was behind the photo that "unleashed a firestorm of bulging eyeballs and wagging tongues."

"We were in Paris, a few drinks in," she explained. "Tequila and bad judgement were behind it. I had seen Justin Bieber's [bare butt] photo earlier and I was like, 'Oh, it's a cute ass, whatever.' And I was still pissed about my nipples."

And yep, you read that right. Chrissy is most definitely still annoyed by Instagram's arguably unfair censorship policy, ever since the social media site removed multiple versions of her sexy shot from W Magazine in which she leaves little to the imagination. 


But the world hasn't always been privy to the inner workings of the celebrity couple Americans would most want to invite them into a threesome (we can't make this stuff up, you guys). Chrissy also reveals in the interview, that when she met John for the first time, he was in his dressing room ironing in his underwear, and her initial words to him were, 'You do your own ironing?'. How's that for a meet-cute?

Looks like Chrissy's tactic to "play it cool" and avoid being the "leechy weirdo" when they were getting to know each other paid off—and that's a lesson we can all learn from. #RelationshipGoals

To read even more about Chrissy's "fabulous, funny, saucy life and legendary husband," be sure to check out the newest issue of Modern Luxury

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