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Watch the moment Chrissy Teigen finds out that opening Rihanna's fan mail could land her in prison

Watch the moment Ellen DeGeneres tells Chrissy Teigen that opening Rihanna's fan mail is against the law.

Did Chrissy Teigen just admit to committing a federal offense? Oops! 

On Monday afternoon, everyone's favorite social media queen visited The Ellen Show to talk all things baby and election related with the queen of comedy, Ellen DeGeneres. Little did the former SI Swimsuit cover model know though, she was about to admit to breaking the law. 

Chrissy and rockstar hubby John Legend recently moved into new digs in LA with their precious baby girl, Luna, and as it turns out, there's been an unforseen perk to buying the house that used to belong to superstar Rihanna. 

"I never in my life thought I would be cool enough to have a Rihanna pad—ever," Chrissy explained. "It's hysterical...The one fun thing that does happen every once in awhile is that I get a bill of hers and I really want to somehow get it back to her.

"So I tried to bring it to the Grammy's and John said, 'No, that doesn't look cool. Please don't. You're embarrassing me.' But yeah, Rihanna, you owe $18 to Bugatti, I think."

Watch the clip below to see the moment Ellen reveals to Chrissy that opening other people's mail is illegal: 

Looks like Chrissy's fate is in the hands of everyone's favorite Bad Girl RiRi. Fingers crossed she can avoid the slammer, even though we're pretty sure she'd look just as hot in an orange jumpsuit as she does in a bikini. 

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