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Chrissy Teigen reveals the secret to her rock-solid marriage

Chrissy Teigen reveals that she found her true love when she stopped dating bad boys. 

Turns out nice guys don't always finish last! 

In a recent interview with Extra TV, Chrissy Teigen opened up about having more children, being a carb girl, and the secret to her #RelationshipGoals marriage. 

"I got so incredibly lucky," Chrissy said of marrying a guy like John Legend. "He lets me be me, and I let him be his nerdy self. I love his nerdy self. I dated bad boys for a very long time...I never dated a John before John." 

The world has vicariously been on vacation with the A-list couple and their adorable daughter this week, as the trio traveled through Morocco, sharing ultra-glamorous snaps to Instagram. can we get adopted into this family?! 

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