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Genevieve Morton shares rejection letter she received at age 17


Genevieve Morton is a six-time SI Swimsuit model, star of 2017's sexiest calendar and boasts an Instagram following of 340,000. And as you can tell from the GIFs below, she is quite comfortable in front of the camera.

But it wasn't always so easy. Genevieve was home in South Africa for the holidays and found a rejection letter she received at age 17, which she posted to Instagram. The letter read:

When you came in on Monday, it became apparent from our discussion that you want to have confirmation of potential earnings for next year. We completely understand that you want to know that type of information so that you may make some decisions regarding your future. As we told you, we cannot predict how much any model will earn as the market is incredibly dynamic. So I have had an in-depth discussion with Tiffany as to your fiure with our agency and we have drawn the following conclusions:

We explained, from the beginning, that you height put you at a disadvantage, but that you have a lovely look. What has been the deciding factor regarding your career is the fact that we have several strong, beautiful, blonde girls with a height advantage on our main board, which leaves you not on our main board, but put forward for other work. What this means in terms of the Durban market is that the work is not as plentiful. 

If you wish to pursue a modeling career, our advice would be to join another agency that will be able to put you on their main board for work so that you may have a definite chance at a career and security that we cannot offer you at this stage. For that reason, we are returning your pictures.

As we said, Genevieve was only 17 when she received this letter and has gone on to a hugely successful modeling career but it wasn't always easy. As Genevieve said in her caption, "Just because someone doesn't believe you can achieve your dreams doesn't mean that you can't do it anyway!" 

Truer words have never been spoken. 

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