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Get to Know SI Swimsuit Rookie Sailor Brinkley Cook

Here are some fun facts about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 rookie Sailor Brinkley Cook.

Rookie of the Year voting begins next week! Before you cast your vote, spend some time getting to know the 12 members of our incredible rookie class. Next up is Sailor Brinkley Cook.

SI Swimsuit: What does it mean to be part of this year's issue?

SBC: I feel so grateful to be part of such a game-changing issue. The girls are all different shapes and sizes and colors. It’s the most beautiful thing to me to see that range of human beings represented. I’m excited for girls that look like me, and don’t have huge boobs and a huge butt, to see me and think, ‘Maybe girls that have B-cups can be in Sports Illustrated.’

SI: Your mom is one of the most successful models SI Swimsuit history. Did she offer any advice before your shoot?

SBC: I thought I didn’t need any advice from my mom. I’m very stubborn. But then I got to my rookie shoot in Aruba, and I called her the moment I got there, and I said I do need your advice. She said, have fun with it, don’t be stiff.

SI: What would you be doing if you weren't modeling?

SBC: I once wanted to be a comedian when I grew up. But then I realized I’m a little too shy and not that funny.

SI: Those are important qualities in a comedian. Did you have any other non-modeling aspirations?

SBC: I’d like to get paid to travel someday. I always thought how incredible it would be to go to places that aren’t so well off, to meet new people and tell their stories. I’d love to mix creating photos as art with humanitarianism. Even if it takes me til I’m 45 or 50, I’d like to do that, to spend 10 years taking photos and interviewing people and putting it toward a project.

SI: Did you always think you'd be a part of SI Swimsuit?

SBC: If you were to tell me five years ago that I’d be a Sports Illustrated rookie, I would have thought you were lying.

SI: Do you have any desert island movies you can't live without?

SBC: Love, by Gaspar Noe, is the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen. But I like comedies, too. Bridesmaids,Don’t Mess With the Zohan—that movie is a godsend. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have that movie.

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