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Editor MJ Day and rookie Hailey Clauson talk SI Swimsuit 2015

Leading up to the release of the SI Swimsuit 2015 issue, our fearless leader, MJ Day, was on a whirlwind press tour that puts most movie stars to shame. 

So it's no surprise that we're just now stumbling upon a cute video of her and rookie Hailey Clauson at Business Insider. And they could only be talking SI Swimsuit, of course!

Tasked with the duty of choosing from hundreds of beautiful models each year (we know, we know...her job is really hard), MJ explains that the team immediately knew Hailey would be a great fit at SI Swimsuit.

A natural bombshell, Hailey was able to transition almost effortlessly from high fashion into the world of sexy, seductive swimsuit modeling. Our rookie also walks viewers through her modeling career and first ever SI Swimsuit photo shoot. 

Hailey Clauson for Business Insider

Hailey Clauson for Business Insider

Watch the video below to learn more about Hailey's journey to SI Swimsuit!  

BONUS: See some of Hailey's best moments from SI Swimsuit 2015!

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