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Hannah Davis makes NFL picks, discusses bikinis in sports


We've discussed Hannah Davis' talent on the tennis court, but did you know she's also a football fan? As part of its weekly Celeb Pick 'Em series, USA Today asked Hannah to make her picks for this week and to answer some sports-related questions. Did you know her biggest problem with the annual DirecTV flag football game is that it's not tackle?


Hannah's desire to tackle other celebrities isn't the only thing we learned. She also offered up some Selfie advice (take it from up high, always), bikinis in sports (not ideal. If you need a swimsuit, make it a one-piece) and whether there should be a male swimsuit issue (nobody wants to see guys in banana hammocks, ever). Hannah also revealed that she's never been to a tailgate before, but "food and drinking before any sports event is sort of awesome." 


Sunday should be a big day for SI Swimsuit. We have the Body Paint Bowl between the Dolphins and Cowboys, plus all of Hannah's selections as guest NFL picker. We suggest she find a tailgate and make it the perfect football day.

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