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Hannah Ferguson's new Seafolly campaign will make you want to book an impromptu trip to Australia

Hannah Ferguson stars in the newest Seafolly swimwear campaign in Australia. 

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl! 

In her debut campaign for Seafolly, an Australian swimwear line with a thing for SI Swimsuit models, Hannah Ferguson reveals that despite living in the Big Apple, she feels most at home surrounded by nature and wildlife. 


"Growing up on a farm was pretty awesome," Hannah said in her introductory campaign video for Seafolly. "I mean, at the time, I think it was hard for me and my siblings to appreciate it.

"Now I have a lot of appreciation for nature and animals. And now I live in the city, and I find that I miss that. I miss being around animals and being out in the country. I think it helped keep me grounded."

According to their website, "Seafolly continues to set the standard for swimwear – both in Australia and abroad – with unparalleled fit and fashionability borne out of a love for everything the Australian summer has to offer." The company invites customers to share "the spirit of the Australian beach" by wearing their favorite Seafolly looks and "diving head first into the Australian beach lifestyle." 

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