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Jess Gomes Goes Grand Prix


Jess Gomes is a pretty cool chick. She’s a swimsuit model, health enthusiast and has that killer Australian accent. But that wasn’t enough for her, was it? No, no. She had to take everything to a whole new level and get her racing license. Yes you heard that right -- racing license. Gomes took her talents to the race track to quench her need for speed. SwimDaily caught up with the six-time swimsuit model to get the scoop on her day at the track. Being the overachiever she is, Jess did her best David Letterman impression and gave us a list of 10 things being a race car driver made her realize.

1. Never, ever trust male drivers. I got hit! Luckily I didn't have to pay for damages :-)

2. An 'Apex' is a mark in which you must make to turn a corner on a race track.

3. Putting the pedal to the metal -- so important and so fun!

4. To break hard.

5. To drive smoothly.

6. I like driving on normal roads better.

7. I hate speeding.

8. I like traffic lights.

9. I'm sticking to my day job.

10. I have a new found respect for professional race car drivers.

Overall, it was such a thrilling and exciting experience! It was definitely something out of my comfort zone and I'm so happy I did it and broke down my fears of going fast. I had an epic time; it was a once in a lifetime experience for sure. 



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